Cooking Classes

Cooking classes are great for learning new techniques and recipes, a great way to meet new people and a perfect way to get friends and family together. We will give you the chance to become a chef! Maybe not a professional one, but a good one!

Under the supervision of a Host, you will be able to make traditional dishes prepared following ancient local recipes. Italian cuisine is renowned for its variety of flavours and ingredients, each region and even each province has its own typical dishes made using fresh products sourced locally. You can learn how to make the perfect pasta and the perfect sauce to go with the different shapes, whether it is spaghetti, penne or farfalle. Or you can learn how to prepare fish or meat dishes, vegetables, maybe a pizza, perfect for sharing with friends and, of course, the delicious Italian desserts! Is there any better way to learn Italian cuisine than learning it from someone with passion who cooks the Italian way every day?