Eat with Italians

People who love travelling and discovering new places know that one of the biggest challenges is to experience first hand the culture of the host Country because often, they end up following touristic routes that do not give the chance to really understand how local people live in a particular city or region. As travel enthusiasts, the founders of “My Italian Friends” noticed that the tourists who visit Italy also find it difficult to live an experience which is different from the usual touristic cliches and therefore came up with the idea of creating a website where Italians can share their culture and their history with travelers from all over the world. Often the restaurants located in the city center are not a true representation of a proper Italian restaurant, in fact a local would never chose to have a meal there. These restaurants cater mainly for foreigners who, just because they are close to museums and local attractions, rely on overpriced and often low quality restaurants. Unfortunately, this also means that tourists miss on the chance to enjoy Italy like a local would, in a more genuine way. My Italian Friends has made this possible, with its community of amateur and professional cooks willing to open their kitchens to tourists looking for a different experience.

The name “My Italian Friends” comes from the fact that hosts will open their houses and treat guests with the same enthusiasm and respect with which they would entertain their own friends, something that would be quite hard to get when eating in a busy restaurant. The Italian Friends are people who love to communicate, some of them don’t speak perfect English but they can still communicate thanks to food and, why not? Thanks to the ability to express themselves with hand movements so typical of Italian people! Each offer is unique, hosts decide how and what they want to communicate through food: some will stick to traditional recipes, others are more oriented towards organic food and offer vegetarian and vegan meals, but what they all have in common is the same desire to make new friends and to tell them all about the culture, the traditions and the culinary secrets while sharing a good meal. In Italy food plays an important role in the family traditions. Mealtime is a time when stories are shared, jokes, secrets…the atmosphere around the table is what makes each meal special, together with the recipes, uniques and often passed from parents and grandparents, from one generation to the other. Food is what brings everybody together and it is integral part of the culture of the Beautiful Country. Often movies portray Italians as people who always talk about food, and this is actually a true representation because food is not only what we eat to be able to live, food is also color, passion, joy. Preparing a meal is an act of love, and to share a meal is a sign of friendship and trust. With My Italian Friends people from all over the world will be able to experience this moments so cherished by the Italians.

Italy has got many shades, each region has got its own roots and history and it is not always easy to understand the past. My Italian Friends’ mission is to put travelers in touch with the true life of one of the richest cultures in the world. Together with lunches and dinner, through the website it is also possible to book cooking classes, wine tasting experiences, aperitifs and also walks to discover wonderful places that are less, if at all, known to tourists. All this in the company of Italians who are keen to give a part of themselves to the world.