About Us

My Italian Friends
This adventure all started because we realized how many people visit Italy and at the end of their trip can say they have visited many places, seen many monuments but haven’t come even close to seeing a more authentic part of the country. Therefore, we thought about our own vacations and the places we visited. To know a country means to meet the people that live there, understand their way of life and try to share it with them.

Food in Italy

What brings North and South together in Italy is the passion for food. Traditional families gather around the table and it is in the kitchen that local recipes are passed down from one generation to the other. Eating together is the perfect occasion not only to share an authentic culinary experience, to relax and unwind in a ritual that starts with the setting up of the table and ends with a hot, strong cup of coffee, but above all, it is the opportunity to experience the hospitality and friendliness of Italian people who will make available to you their knowledge of the area and will let you into the secrets of the places they most love.

Why just in Italy?

There are operators that organize trips all over the world and provide services to a lot of people. We respect their professionalism, but prefer to compare ourselves to specialized craftsmen that are experts in their field and we do our best to perform con "passione ed amore". We can offer this esperience only in Italy because we love this Country and we have genuine, first hand, long term knowledge of the culture and traditions.